An Honest Talk About Mental Health From Our CEO Billy

4 min readSep 6, 2022

Good Morning, Good Afternoon and Good Evening!

First of all, I want to thank all of you who continue to hang around and support our Boda Token Project!

It’s tough going for everyone at the moment. We have seen and experienced the crypto market take a bit of a dive in the last 3 months, with the likes of Bitcoin falling roughly 35% from $30,000 down to a low of $19,500 and BNB falling roughly 40% from $330 to a low of $197.

For many people, it’s very easy to become discouraged and depressed when they see the $ value of their investment portfolio continue to get lower and lower. The unfortunate reality of financial investing is that the journey is like riding a rollercoaster. There will always be ups and downs in your investing journey, just the same as there are ups and downs in your life.

And on the topic of ups and downs in life, I want to apologise for my lack of activity in the community as of late. After burning the candle at both ends for almost 12 months by committing myself to 18 to 20 hour days, 7 days a week, I completely neglected my own needs especially when it came to my mental health and I needed a break. I am sharing this with all of you now because I take pride in being upfront and honest about everything I do in crypto, and I would be a hypocrite if I didn’t do the same in being upfront and honest about my mental health.

Before I continue, I have to admit I am nervous about how people might perceive what I am about to share and see it as a sign of weakness from someone who is meant to be leading a crypto project. And of course, most project leaders need to be seen as strong and capable people to inspire confidence in their current and future investors. But I also know that I’m not alone when it comes to struggles related to mental health in this space, especially for those who work on their own projects, which is why I feel I need to share it.

At the start of August this year, I hit a mental burnout. I no longer had any motivation to get out of bed. I slept for 3 days and only woke up to go to the toilet. I didn’t eat or drink for those 3 days. My motivation to do anything had completely gone. I couldn’t look at my phone to check messages without feeling highly anxious. I dreaded having to come to the computer. I had no ideas or plans in my head, instead, all I had in my head was my own voice telling me that I was worthless and that I was a failure. This is when I knew that I had hit Depression.

I don’t want this to be seen as a cry for pity or for attention. I chose to work long hours every day of the week, so only I am to blame for neglecting my own mental health. But it's important that I do share my experience with mental health issues as you or someone else you may know might be struggling with their mental health and perhaps this will help you see that you’re not alone.

My personal experience with Depression has been something that I have been dealing with for the last 12 years. I’ve attempted suicide twice in my lifetime, and obviously, it's not a skill that I am good at. Jokes aside, suicide never needs to be an option and there is always someone out there who will understand your struggles. You just have to make the first step in reaching out.

In terms of my own Depression, it comes and goes and can last days, weeks, or sometimes months. I’ve had plenty of professional therapy over the years and have tried all sorts of alternative therapy including Yoga, Meditation, Crystal Healing, Reiki, Kinesiology, Naturopathy, Aromatherapy, and a bunch more.

I want you to know that I am OK and I have already started making changes to ensure that I’m not going to continue ignoring my mental health.

I’ve recently started baking, as some of you may have seen on my Twitter that I baked a Cheesecake recently, and I have been taking more time to watch movies and tv shows. I recently binged all 7 seasons of Star Trek: Voyager for the first time, and don’t know how I never watched it growing up!
I have also started to get back into PC Gaming which I haven’t done since April last year.

I might not be around 20hrs a day like before, but I’m still available every day.
I am still committed to our Boda Token Project and the development behind the scenes still continues. I know that taking more time to look after my own mental health will only benefit the efforts that I can contribute in the long term.

If you or anyone you know is struggling with mental health, please encourage them to speak to someone or the appropriate mental health support centres in your area.