BODAV2 Fair Launch Tue 22nd Sep 2021

We are super excited to announce that BODA Version 2 is about to be released!

It has been quite the journey to get where we are today. We’ve had our ups and downs since launching BODA almost 5 months ago, but we have always continued to work behind the scenes to provide the best for our loyal #BODAFAM community.

What are dividends and how does it work?

“A dividend is the distribution of some of a company’s earnings to a class of its shareholders, as determined by the company’s board of directors. Common shareholders of dividend-paying companies are typically eligible as long as they own the stock before the ex-dividend date.” (Source:

How will I know how many BUSD dividends I earned?

We will launch a second website dedicated to tracking your dividend earnings. You will be able to paste your wallet address into the website dApp and it will provide you with dividend earning data.

What will be the Token distribution?

Total Supply will remain the same at 1 Quadrillion (1,000,000,000,000,000).

What will be the Tokenomics of BODAV2?

The following tokenomics have been designed to be as fair as possible to ensure that BODAV2 will continue to grow and reward its token holders in the long term.

What else is planned to help keep the token economy strong?

We will be earning BUSD Dividends in our Yield Farm Fund Wallets and Future Development Wallets, which we will spend on quarterly buy-back purchases and then burn the tokens.

When will I get the new BODAV2 from the BODAV1 swap?

You will receive your new BODAV2 tokens on the day of the launch.
As a Thank You gift for patiently waiting for the new launch, we are going to provide a bonus 5% return for your swap. This means if you sent 100 BODA tokens, you will receive 105 BODAV2 tokens back.

Will the name of the token change?

No. The token will still be named BODA, only the trading symbol will be named BODAV2 so people do not mistakenly buy the old BODA.

What is the smart contract address?

The new token smart contract address will be released when BODAV2 is live and ready for trading.

BODAV2 Fair Launch will go live on Pancakeswap on Tue 14th Sep @ 12:59 UTC / 1:59PM UK / 10:59PM AUS EST / 8:59PM ASIA / 8:59AM USA EST

It’s time to take BODA to another Galaxy!



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