BODAV2 Development Diary #2

7 min readDec 7, 2021

Welcome to the second Development Diary for BODA V2, where we will aim to provide comprehensive updates on project development and future design plans.

We have been super busy since our last Dev Diary. Here’s a quick list of what we’ve been up to!

Completed Events Since November 2021 -

  • Certik Audit Completed with onboarding of 24/7 Skynet Security Monitoring!
  • Dessert Finance Audit Completed!
  • New Dashboard update released with wallet connect, manual claim option, and BUSD reward estimator!
  • Main website has been given a make-over!
  • Logo design was given a touch-up and new graphics for social media posts!
  • BODA V2 logo is now on Trust Wallet!
  • Merchandise Store is online, where 100% of profits go toward the Token Buy-Back Initiative!
  • More YouTube Videos about BODA V2!
  • More articles in the press! Yahoo Finance! Business Insider, Market Watch, and more!
  • BSC News Podcast with Billy and Dave —

On-Going Evens for 2021

  • 4 x Billboard Advertisements booked to go up in Los Angeles from 13th to 20th December
  • Moving Telegram Chat Community to Discord
  • Audit for the Yield Farm and Governance Token
  • Manual Buy-Back and Burn to happen in December
  • Still developing the Lottery, Token Minter and Token Locker

Two Audits Completed!

We were extremely pleased with the completion of the Certik Audit. As explained in AMA #9 (Watch here
there were mostly information errors that took up the majority of the audit report. Certik is very thorough with its audit process and takes note of everything that includes typing errors/spelling mistakes. Because our BODA V2 is an original smart contract written from scratch, unfortunately, there were a couple of informational errors in the code. None of the information errors affects the smart contract in how it operates. We were able to work with the Certik Auditors to resolve a couple of our major issues. The 24/7 Skynet Smart Contract security monitoring is online, which is a great tool provided by Certik to give our token that added security. Skynet monitors for any attacks against the smart contract code as well as monitoring when we, as developers, push any changes to the smart contract. This provides an extra layer of transparency as holders will be able to see if changes have been made to the smart contract.

The Certik Audit and Skynet Monitoring can be viewed here —

In addition, we decided to get a second independent audit from Dessert Finance. The Dessert Finance Audit can be found here —

New Dashboard update installed!

Our website was upgraded with the new dashboard layout. The new dashboard now runs on Reactnode. This will allow for easier integration of future dApps such as the yield farm, lottery, token minter, token locker, governance voting, and the future NFT marketplace and games.

The new upgrade included the wallet connect function allowing holders to connect their wallet to view their holdings and BUSD rewards. A manual claim option has been added to the dashboard for those who wish to claim their BUSD early, instead of waiting for the automatic queue to process.

Screenshot of the desktop layout of the new Dashboard website

We will continue to update the design and add more data API such as the daily trading volume. The chart on the dashboard is currently linked to CoinGecko and the price value shows at $1.00038E-8 as it is limited to $1 USD variables. We are working on creating a new API data point for the chart on the dashboard to correctly reflect the price so it doesn’t confuse people.
We have received good feedback at the moment about the new dashboard and always encourage feedback from our community so we can make this the best reward token dashboard on the internet!

Main website was given a make-over!

We see and hear everything that goes on in our community chat rooms. And we take notes when our community members provide feedback or suggestions. One particular topic that kept popping up was our main website. We saw a lot of comments coming through where people were not too impressed by our main website. Since our main website is where every new potential BODA V2 token holder goes before buying, it's important that we make a good first impression!

Screenshot of the Desktop layout of the main website

We have made sure to optimize the website more toward mobile devices as our analytics show that 90% of web traffic to our website is from mobile users.
We encourage you to check out the new main website make-over here —

New Merchandise Store was launched!

Just a few of the items available on the BODA V2 Merch Store

We launched the new BODA V2 Merch Store! 100% of all profits from sales will go toward the token buy-back initiative.
Profits are earned in the form of sales commission from the items sold. Spreadshirt, the online store that processes the merchandise, takes the full payment amount of a product from you, the customer, and then returns a commission reward to us that is paid out every month. An example would be the Men’s Premium T-Shirt costing $25.49 USD where we earn $5 commission from that sale. Therefore, the $5 would go straight toward the token buy-back funds.


As mentioned in AMA #10 (Watch here, there will be 4 Billboard ads going up in Los Angeles between the 13th and 20th December. Right before Christmas!

3 of the Billboards will be located around Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), and 1 Billboard will be located in the CBD Financial District a couple of blocks above the new Crypto Dot Com stadium!

Billboard is located in the CBD Financial District of LA, a couple of blocks from Crypto Dot Com Stadium!
Billboard is located on the busy 405 freeway heading South, near LAX. (Graphic used in this image is just to highlight the billboard, this is not the final advertisement graphic)
Billboard is located on the busy 405 freeway heading North, near LAX. (Graphic used in this image is just to highlight the billboard, this is not the final advertisement graphic)
Billboard is located in Playa Vista Town Center, a shopping district next to LAX. (Graphic Used in this image is just to highlight the billboard, this is not the final advertisement graphic)

Our marketing is always ongoing. We continuously promote BODA V2 on different platforms that include Facebook, Coinzilla, PooCoin, Twitter, 4chan, Reddit, Stock Twits, Telegram and YouTube.

When it comes to paid advertising we always need to make sure that we get a return from it. And sometimes marketing does not always bring in new buyers. Often marketing is just about keeping the brand awareness out in the public domain so people don’t forget about us.

Word of Mouth is always 100 times more effective at gaining new investors than paid advertising! We are truly grateful for everyone in the community who continues to promote BODA V2 on social media and to their colleagues, friends and family on a daily basis. Every single new investor, big or small, is adding value to the token. As a community working together, you can all achieve great things like getting #BODAV2 trending on Twitter!

Moving from Telegram to Discord

We have decided that keeping our Community chat room in one location is the best way to maintain an active community. Splitting the Community up between two different chat groups was not working.
We decided to go with Discord because it is designed for Community. Telegram is unfortunately not designed with Community activities in mind and having a single chat room makes it difficult for people to find information, especially when there are 1000 messages in the one chat room.

Discord Servers allow us to create side channels to separate information. It means that you, as a community member, can find important information easily. You can also contribute to posting media content in the media channels, such as posting memes. We have international channels that will allow non-native English speaking community members to have conversations on those channels separately, all while still remaining in the Discord Server. We have added ranking XP to our Discord Bot that will reward members with new roles when they level up. Just another fun way to keep community members active.

We will not delete the Telegram group, but rather lock the chat room after the 12th of December. The Welcome Bot will continue to send a recurring message every hour to remind people to join Discord. The Telegram Alerts channel ( ) will still remain for those users who don’t wish to join Discord.

We highly recommend that everyone join Discord. A lot of members from Telegram have already joined and are having fun! Click the invite link to join —

To Conclude

Our team is working on BODA V2 every day of the week. We still have a couple of edits to make to the dashboard website. We have the Yield Farm solidity contract audited and will be making some fixes to that before we move on to testing, and then launching the Yield Farm. We need to make sure it is safe before launching, otherwise, it will be a disaster for everyone if the Yield Farm is compromised after it goes live.

As always, please follow us on social media and join Discord if you haven’t already! We appreciate the continued support from everyone! We are working hard to make sure we can deliver the best results to bring long term value to BODA V2!

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