BODAV2 Development Diary #3

8 min readApr 11, 2022


Welcome to the Third Development Diary for BODA V2, where we will aim to provide comprehensive updates on project development and future design plans.

We are now past the first quarter of 2022 and gee whizz have those 3 months flown by quickly! It doesn’t feel like that long ago that we were welcoming in the new year with open arms, hoping to get rid of the bad vibes of 2021!

Our team have been busy behind the scenes building to provide BODA V2 with long term fundamental utilities that will keep our token moving forward. We have also been active in front of the scenes by boosting our activity on Social media, and Discord, and recently reopening our Telegram group chat.

We launched our first utility in Q1 of this year!

BodaSwap is our first utility that provides benefits not just for BODA V2 holders but also benefits those who use our BodaSwap DEX to purchase tokens.

  • BodaSwap is able to completely bypass slippage on every buy transaction.
  • Trades often result in cheaper gas fees on the Binance Chain Network.
  • Trading fees are only 0.2%, cheaper than other DEXs like Pancakeswap.
  • Fees collected from the trade volume through BodaSwap go back toward token buyback and burn of BODA V2, helping to increase volume and BUSD rewards for holders
  • Two Fiat On-ramps are available to use.
    - RAMP provides access for most global users, including US Citizens, to purchase a wide range of cryptocurrencies including BNB BEP20.
    - Indacoin provides access to purchase BODA V2 directly with Fiat, as well as options to purchase BNB BEP20, native Bitcoin and native Ethereum.
  • BodaSwap is providing a platform for us to partner with other token projects, allowing our communities to interact and grow together in the DeFi space!
  • So far we have partnered with 10 other cryptocurrency projects, which include;
    SnoopFloki, Dive Wallet, Glow V2, BUSD Buffet, Nobility Token, Rematic V2, MetaBUSD, French Connection Finance, DFS Mafia, and DogeBonk.
    With more token partnerships and listings being added.
  • Other well-known tokens such as Safemoon, BabyDoge, Cheems Inu and Foki are also available to be traded without slippage!

Articles about BodaSwap have been circulated through popular media outlets such as Yahoo Finance!, MarketWatch, Business Insider and Bloomberg!

Check out BodaSwap! If you haven’t used it yet, be sure to give it a go and save yourself some money! You can also import any BEP20 token using the contract address in the token search field —

Our CEO Billy has been showing his face a lot more lately!

Billy has been busy networking and appearing on Podcasts and AMA-style interview shows with other Crypto YouTubers. BODA V2 is now also part of the Unite DeFi RoundTable, which aims to bring solid, honest, like-minded people together to help each other out behind the scenes and in front of the scenes.

You can view the interview with Billy on Todd Hart’s The Crypto CEO Corner show here —

You can watch the Rematicast Episode featuring Billy here —

You can catch up on the recent Unite Defi Roundtable Episode featuring Billy here —

Being more active in the crypto space and networking with other CEOs, developers and Crypto Influencers is just another way to add to the long term survival of BODA.


Can you believe that it has been 12 months since the BODA Token project began??

We know that our BODA V2 officially launched on the 22nd of September 2021, but we cannot forget the original BODA Token.

It was on the 29th of April 2021, when the first BODA Token was launched on Binance Chain. It’s been a long and eventful journey to get where we are today.

To help celebrate our Birthday Month in April, we have a few exciting promotions and giveaways happening!

Kicking off our Birthday Month we started with a Shilling Competition with a prize pool worth $750 in BODA V2 Tokens. The top 3 shillers will get a share of $250 BODA V2 tokens each.

To visit the Sweep Widget Page you can go here —

Merchandise Store promotions for the entire month of April!

For our US Customers and Non-UK/EU Customers, the above promotion is for the US Store —

We had to make a separate store for UK/EU customers as we had a few community members mention that the import taxes for the merchandise was quite high coming from the US store. Below are the promotional dates for the UK/EU Store.

You can visit the UK/EU Store by visiting this link —

100% of profits from all merchandise from both stores will go directly toward the buyback and burn of BODA V2 tokens. Increasing BUSD rewards for holders.

We will be hosting more giveaways during the month of April to help celebrate our BODA Birthday Month!

The situation with the SokuSwap Yield Farm.

On the 7th of April, we detected some suspicious trading activity coming directly from the SOKU & BODA V2 LP Pair. This was deemed suspicious as only those two tokens were interacting with each other through a smart contract, which we assume to be a bot. This bot was utilizing the 1inch exchange token called CHI to facilitate the trades, using the self-destruct CHI Token mechanism.

We immediately raised our sell multiplier to 160% when we first noticed the transactions had occurred and notified our community holders that we were investigating a potential bot attack.

The sell multiplier was raised in order to prevent any further bot sales.

It took 24hrs for us to hear back from SokuSwap regarding this matter. Their response was that it is simply just a trading bot and nothing could be done to stop it. A decision was made to end the Yield Farm early and to tell everyone to remove their SOKU/BODAV2 LP Pair from the farm to prevent any further bot trading attacks.

Here are the 4 trade transactions for the record -

Approximately 5.53 BNB worth was sold off during these bot trades.
We are glad that we detected this issue almost immediately and we were able to put in place a safety guard to prevent any further bot trades within the SOKU/BODAV2 LP Pair.

If you still have SOKU/BODAV2 LP Pair staked on the SokuSwap Yield Farm, please remove it. You can reach the farm by visiting this link —

After we announced to the community that the Yield Farm is shutting down and for everyone to remove their staked LP, we returned the sell multiplier to its original status so that normal trading of BODA V2 tokens could commence.

What’s on the Roadmap for the next 6 months?

As covered in the recent AMA on YouTube ( we have exciting updates on our future development.

Yield Farming, Staking and Yield Farm Reward Token.

As suggested by our community, we will be releasing a separate token for the Yield Farm and Staking. The ‘reward token’ as we will call it, for now, will be what you will receive for staking BODAV2 LP in the Yield Farm and for Staking the ‘reward token’ in the Staking Pools.

We will put it up for a community vote as to whether or not we do a pre-sale for the ‘reward token’ or if we conduct a fair launch for it. Both have their pros and cons.
The ‘reward token’ can also function as a governance token to help give us more of a decentralized element to allow holders to vote on a voting platform on our dApp website. At the moment we have been using our Discord server to conduct community votes.

NFT Marketplace, Exclusive BODA NFTs, and NFT Music.

We have entered an agreement with a development company to build our NFT Marketplace. This is to allow us to have both the Yield Farm and NFT Marketplace built at the same time so we can aim to have both utilities out around the same time.

Our plan with our NFT Marketplace will not just focus on NFT Artwork. We have plans to introduce NFT Music and Podcasts.

We have a secondary project for the NFT Marketplace where we can release exclusive BODA NFTs that will receive a reward share of the trading volume from the marketplace. So if you happen to purchase and hold the exclusive BODA NFT, you will receive a revenue share from the NFT Marketplace for as long as you hold the NFT in your wallet. If you decided to gift or sell your BODA NFT to someone else, then once that NFT is in a new owner's wallet they will begin receiving the revenue rewards and you will not.

The concept of having an exclusive BODA NFT that can provide the holder with a revenue share of the entire NFT Marketplace is a very exciting element that we are looking forward to launching.

NFT Music and Podcasts are other elements that are going to become more mainstream in the future in the NFT space. We aim to build a platform similar to that of Spotify or iTunes where users can purchase songs or albums from artists in the form of NFTs, and listen to that music on our platform. Podcasts would also operate in the same format. Once you have purchased the music or podcast NFT it will be in your wallet forever, so you can listen to the music or podcast on our platform at any time.

We also plan to introduce a subscription service where users who hold a certain amount of BODA V2 tokens will be able to access the music platform for free. In return, we will reimburse the artists for their subscription count to allow artists to still earn revenue from having subscribers.

Any leftover revenue collected from the NFT Marketplace and NFT Music Platform will be used to buyback and burn BODA V2 tokens to help with increasing volume and increasing those much-loved BUSD Rewards.

To Conclude

We are always working 7 days a week on BODA V2. We are building and planning behind the scenes and being as active as possible in front of the scenes.

We have been here with the BODA Token Project for 12 months and we don’t intend of giving up any time soon!

We appreciate everyone in the community who continues to stick with us and believe in us! We know that the crypto market has not been kind this year, and truthfully a global recession is coming our way which will only make things worse on the financial markets, but that won’t stop us from building and preparing for the next bull season.

We encourage everyone to join our Discord or Telegram to be a part of our community. Come meet people and make new friends!

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