BODAV2 Development Diary #4

8 min readJun 30, 2022

Welcome to the Fourth Development Diary for BODA V2, where we will aim to provide comprehensive updates on project development and future design plans.

Holy Mackerel! Another 3 months have flown by in a blink of an eye! We only wish this current bear market would fly by just as fast!

We have been busy, both in front of the scenes and behind the scenes, to keep building those foundations to survive the incoming crypto winter. It’s not easy for any token project to keep fighting during a crypto bear market because it feels like a constant uphill battle, but we’ve always planned to be here for the long term.

Highlights of Q2 :

· Listed 20 projects on BodaSwap

· Launched Boda Lottery

· Joined the MetaArcade Metaverse with NFT Spaceship & Planet

· Joined the DFS Mafia Sports Fantasy Contest Pool

· Joined Glow Nation Podcasts and Twitter Spaces

· Joined Nobility Token Crypto Gaming Cup

· Hosted Twitter Spaces for BodaSwap Partners

· Shill School created to help educate crypto investors & promote partners

· Water Pump donated to charity thanks to Crypto Positive Token

· Building more partnerships & networking

Adding additional utility to our project!

The BODA Lottery is a fun addition to our ecosystem to provide everyone with a chance to win BUSD. The Lottery collects a portion of ticket sales that contribute toward weekly buyback and burns of BODAV2 tokens.

We added a charity element to the lottery pot, which we believe is a first for any lottery on BNB Chain (Formerly known as Binance Smart Chain). We will be donating the funds collected for charity on a monthly basis to a charity selected by our community.

Tickets for the lottery cost 5 BUSD each.
If you purchase 10 or more tickets, you can receive a 5% discount. A higher discount than what Pancakeswap Lottery offers.
The lottery is set to run for 7 days, ending each round at 02:00 UTC Saturdays.

You can visit the Lottery site by visiting this link —

Dipping our toes into the Metaverse with Meta Arcade!

We partnered with Meta Aracde to be a part of their NFT Metaverse game called Galaxy Invaders. We have been given our very own Boda Marauder Bomber Class Spaceship and our own home planet, named Beta Omicron, inside the metaverse!

50% of sale proceeds from the Boda Marauder NFTs will be used toward token Buyback and Burn of BODAV2!

You can purchase your very own Boda Marauder Spaceship here —

The Galaxy Invaders game is currently in its version 1 stage as a 2-dimensional game. The team at Meta Arcade are currently building a 3-dimensional version of their game with a wide range of upgrades to the overall gameplay, including Player vs. Enemy and Player vs. Player combat, purchasing land on planets, and much more!

At the moment, if you hold $25 worth of METARC tokens and an NFT Spaceship, you can play the Galaxy Invaders game and qualify to compete in tournament events to win prizes! Prizes can include tokens from other projects or NFT boosters for your spaceship.

You can learn more about Meta Arcade and how their tokenomics and gaming ecosystem works by visiting their website —

We hosted an AMA on Twitter Spaces with Meta Arcade, you can listen to it on YouTube here —

Fantasy Sports with DFS Mafia!

We partnered with DFS Mafia to be a part of their Fantasy Sports platform!

View the following tweet for the announcement —

For those unfamiliar with Fantasy Sports, it is a game where you can make predictions on real-life sports games. You can wager your predictions and if the margin of your prediction is correct, you win from the prize pools.

Fantasy Sports platforms are growing rapidly, with the Fantasy Football (Soccer) industry estimated to be worth 18.6 Billion USD. NFL Fantasy Sports is estimated to be worth 12 Billion USD.
DFS Mafia aims to merge the fiat and crypto world into Fantasy Sports!

As part of the program, we will receive 25% of the total prize pool in our own Boda Sponsored Fantasy Sports Contest.

To learn more about DFS Mafia and their Fantasy Sports platform, visit their website —

Water Pump donated to charity by Crypto Positive Token!

We were surprised when Crypto Positive Token decided to donate to Orphan Aid Pakistan on our behalf! The donation was made by the awesome guys at CPTX, Ricky & Ray, who paid for a Water Pump to have our name on it, to be installed in a remote village in Pakistan!

You can view the announcement tweet here to see the water pump in action!

Bug fixing!

We are currently in the process of fixing the code on our Dashboard website. We have been aware for a while that there have been issues mainly affecting mobile devices in relation to the javascript coding.

We admit that we were ambitious with using modern web3 reactjs coding for our dashboard to be prepared for the web3 space, unfortunately, a lot of devices are not yet compatible with the new style of code.
This issue does not affect the security of the website in any way as it does not affect the wallet connection. It is simply a loading issue on the front end.

We have decided to go back to using java code that is better suited for mobile devices. We are already working on the changes and hope to have it replace the existing website code soon.

We have also been looking at design changes to the Dashboard using existing templates that are compatible with devices. While we have always wanted to stay away from a template or pre-made designs in an effort to stand out with original designs, the fact of the matter is that we have lost a lot of development time in making custom designs. Especially when we run into bugs that affect the website functionality.
As an example; it can take as quickly as 1–2 weeks to launch a pre-made web3 dApp. Building it from scratch takes 4–6 weeks.

For custom dApps like our BodaSwap for example, we will always work on and take our time building. However, for simple dApps such as a Yield Farm, we can use existing templates and customize them to our needs.

Update on our Yield Farm Reward Token!

We have finalized the tokenomics of the reward token that we will launch as part of our Yield Farm and Staking platform. We are still in the process of building the yield farm and staking pools to calculate a sustainable APR % for the ecosystem. We do not want the reward token to just be a ‘cash grab’ token that eventually gets rugged by the yield farm output. We want to make sure that the entire ecosystem can sustain itself. In addition, we want the reward token to be able to inject volume back into BODAV2 in the form of buyback and burns.

Understandably the bear market is a bit of an issue when it comes to launching any new token, and initially, it will be like swimming against the current. But with more and more Centralized Exchanges opting to close their yield pools and reducing their APR % on stablecoin pools, we are hopeful that more people will be interested in DeFi Yield Farming during the bear market.

Getting our voice out there!

Our CEO Billy has been busy networking and jumping on Podcasts, Twitter Spaces, and other visual and audio mediums to keep spreading the word about Boda!

Thanks to our friends and partners at Glow Token, we had our very own Twitter Space event as part of Glow Nation! Hosted by former Safemoon Legion, who is now Glow Legion, and Glow Jason!
You can catch up on the Twitter space event recording here —

Billy appeared on the Glowing Up Defi podcast with Jared & Jason from Glow to discuss what Boda is up to, and the future of Boda. You can listen to the podcast on Spotify here —
The podcast is also available on Apple Music and other major audio streaming platforms.

Billy continues to network with other project leaders and other crypto-related companies in the space. It's important to continue building new relationships and nurturing existing relationships in the crypto space. While a lot of this does not get seen publicly, there is always work happening behind the scenes every single day. On average, Billy is having about 3–4 business calls per day including on the weekends. Billy is committed to his long-term goals for Boda and has no intention of giving up any time soon!

Shill School powered by Boda!

Word of mouth is the strongest form of marketing there is, and shilling for projects you are invested in is a great way to help your own investment grow!

Thanks to Matt, Freddy and Richard we now have a Shill School to help educate holders on how to help promote your favourite project. The Shill School is currently open for all partnered tokens listed on BodaSwap. The aim is to help promote every token, not just Boda. Even if you’re not invested in a token project, we still encourage everyone to help with the shilling events.

At the moment there is a regular ‘Friday Shill Raid’ event that occurs every Friday, with a poll vote conducted during the week to help decide which project to help promote.
There are plans to build more events and educational material as part of the Shill School. Education will not just be about shilling, it will also include education about crypto.

The main goal of the Shill School is to bring many communities together and work as one. There is always strength in numbers!

You can join the Shill School on Discord here —

To Conclude

As always, we are always working to secure the long-term future of Boda. It might feel like things are going slow, especially during a bear market, but we are still here working 7 days a week.

We are super grateful to our community members who continue to support us. Especially those who continue to post on social media to spread the word about Boda! Our social media metrics have risen 50% on Twitter, which is incredible! We thank every single one of you who contributes!

If you haven’t already, come join our Discord and join the wider community. We’re all in this together and we all believe in the same thing.

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