5 min readSep 22, 2022


On the 22nd of September 2021, we embarked on a journey to save those who had invested in the original BODA V1 token project that had been abandoned from the start. BODA V2 was simply an attempt to fulfil the original goals of the initial BODA V1 roadmap with the addition of BUSD rewards being added into the tokenomics. We never imagined that BODA V2 would take off as strongly as it did at the peak of the 2021 bull season.

From a humble fair launch starting at approx. $1000 Market cap on the 22nd of September 2021, by the end of October 2021 we had reached an incredible $60 Million Market cap. A true blessing from the Bull Market gods.

BUSD rewards flowed almost endlessly during the peak Bull market period. Many holders earned enough BUSD to pay off debts ranging from credit cards to college loans. Many holders were able to reach a sense of financial freedom just by paying off extra debts and bills from the BUSD rewards they earned. To date, BODA V2 has paid out over $1 Million in BUSD.

As we approached the Bear market period, the market cap and trading volume began to decline. An unfortunate, but natural, process that occurs in financial investing as there is always a bear cycle that follows a bull cycle. And vice versa.

Hindsight is 20/20, and there are a lot of “should have, could have, would have” moments over the last 12 months, but dwelling on the past does not help us move into the future. We always planned to run this token project long term and that plan has not changed.

We have definitely learned the good, the bad, and the ugly lessons of running a crypto project and these lessons will help us during the next Bull market.

We released a couple of utilities in the last 12 months that we are proud to have accomplished, especially when there are other projects out there that have existed for as long as we have and have yet to release a single utility.

We built our own custom Swap DEX that we named BodaSwap, where we discovered a way to completely bypass the slippage requirements on the Pancakeswap Router. We also managed to bypass the small liquidity fee that Panakeswap charges, and we managed to set our swap fees to only 0.2% compared to the 0.25% of Pancakeswap. This resulted in buyers being able to obtain a fraction more in tokens per BNB in the swap. While we still have a few minor hiccups to fix with our BodaSwap due to it being a completely custom build, the slippage bypass is certainly a feature that we proudly created on our own.

We added our own BUSD lottery to our BODAV2 ecosystem. We believe it is the first lottery system to include a charity pot allocation, where a portion of the prize pot goes toward charity donations. The lottery also collects a portion of the prize pot for buyback & burns of the token. The community voted for the BB & Burns to be done weekly, which helps to reduce overall supply and push bonus BUSD rewards as the buys are taxed and contribute to the BUSD reward pool.

We have an NFT Marketplace being constructed for cross-chain capabilities. Although we decided not to name it after BODA, it will still be a part of the BODA ecosystem. As we explained to our Community at the beginning of the NFT Marketplace design phase, we chose to give it a different branding to allow for more projects to collaborate with us. The reality is that a lot of other projects don’t want to list their NFTs on a Marketplace that is under the brand of an existing project. So by having the NFT Marketplace have its own brand name, it becomes easier to bring other projects on board to list their NFTs.

We recently added a new Fiat to Crypto Onramp service with third-party providers that can allow payments to process without KYC. This means that users do not need to provide any Photo ID for purchases, only a valid email address. The third-party payment providers are available to over 50 countries and over 30 Fiat currencies. Most major nations, such as the United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom can access Non-KYC providers. Some countries may be limited to KYC-only providers due to their local regulations, such as countries like India.
Providing this Non-KYC Onramp service is a great addition to the BODA V2 ecosystem and crypto investors as a whole.

We continue to build, even though it definitely feels like an uphill battle as the crypto market continues to fall further into the bear market.

We are currently rebuilding our Dashboard dApp website with an amazing new front-end development we recently found. This will include a rebuild of our BodaSwap frontend user interface. We will be building our Yield Farm frontend and backend as part of our new dashboard design.
Rebuilding the dashboard allows us to build the new yield farm components at the same time, hence saving time and resources. Our Yield Farm will also include NFT Staking, which we are pretty excited about!

We still plan on releasing a new token for the Yield Farm rewards. We have had this on our roadmap since the start of the year. We do not want to launch a second token purely for a ‘cash grab’ as that is not the reason why we started BODA V2 in the first place. We want to have a token that helps holders to achieve financial freedom. The biggest problem we face at the moment is the current market conditions. This a topic we will discuss further in detail with our community.

We want to say a huge Thank You to every BODA V2 holder who makes up the BODA V2 community! You have continued to support us over the last 12 months! We know how valuable it is to have holders who stick around for the long-term, especially in crypto where most people just buy and sell within the first month of a new token launch.

We would not be here without your continued support and we endeavour to continue the BODA token project for many more years to come!

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