The First DEX without Slippage and Lower Gas Fees

3 min readMar 10, 2022


Introducing BodaSwap, from Boda Token, the First Decentralized Exchange to offer swap trades on Binance Chain Network without slippage and lower gas fees.

We have been hard at work these last couple of months to build the first utility for Boda Token. We are proud to have created BodaSwap, in what we believe is the first Decentralized Exchange that can process swap trades on the Binance Chain Network without minimum slippage requirements for tokens with trading taxes. By eliminating the minimum slippage requirement, an additional effect has occurred where the gas fees for processing token trades is lower in comparison to trading tokens on Pancakeswap.

A Fiat On-Ramp has been integrated to allow anyone to purchase cryptocurrency using their Visa or Mastercard Credit or Debit Cards. At present we have one Fiat company providing services for customers, with additional Fiat companies to be integrated and onboarded in the coming weeks.

You can import any token that is available on Pancakeswap by using the ‘Search Token’ import in the menu, simply by pasting the Smart Contract Address of the token you wish to trade.

Why should users switch from using Pancakeswap to BodaSwap?

It's very simple. Not having to use the minimum slippage will net you more tokens per BNB in the trade. And less gas fees mean you save a little extra on the trade as well.

But don’t just take our word for it, have a look at this comparison image below of two BSCSCAN transaction records completed by an existing BODAV2 token holder.

This BODAV2 holder conducted two transactions at the same time and received more BODAV2 from BodaSwap and paid less gas fees for the exact same amount of BNB. The holder chose a very small amount as to not shift the price to get as accurate a comparison as possible. You will also note on the timestamp that the BodaSwap trade occurred after the Pancakeswap, and BodaSwap still managed to trade more BODAV2 tokens.

How does BodaSwap benefit Boda Token holders?

As the first of many utilities that are being built for Boda Token, our BodaSwap DEX will collect a trading fee of 0.2% per trade that will go toward the buyback and burn of BODAV2 tokens. This will add to the trading volume and give BUSD rewards to holders whenever the buyback and burns occur.

To give a simple example of the potential revenue that BodaSwap could achieve let’s look at the daily volume of some other DEXs on the Binance Chain.

Pancakeswap Avg. Daily Volume = 800 Million USD
SpookySwap Avg. Daily Volume = 191 Million USD
BiSwap Avg. Daily Volume = 151 Million USD
QuickSwap Avg. Daily Volume = 51 Million USD
MDEX Avg. Daily Volume = 6 Million USD

Ok, let us fantasize a little here and say we took over Pancakeswap and received $800 Million per day in Volume. Just from trading fees, BodaSwap would be adding $1.6 Million back into BODAV2 every day.

Let us look at the middle ground, where BiSwap is averaging $151 Million per day. BodaSwap would bring in $302,000 per day for BODAV2.

Now, if we go to the lower end of the scale where MDEX sits at around $6 Million per day, that’s still around $12,000 per day that BodaSwap will be adding to BODAV2.

If you’re reading this and are sceptical about trading tokens without slippage, we encourage you to give BodaSwap a try for yourself!

You can visit BodaSwap here —
If you want to know more about BodaSwap you can find information on our Gitbook —

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